SLH Starting ED Pit Stop for STEMI’s!

SLH Starting ED Pit Stop for STEMI’s!

Sentara Leigh Hospital will be starting the Pit Stop process for STEMI cases on Tuesday, May 30.

This means that if you transport a STEMI patient to Leigh, you may not transfer the patient to a stretcher in the ED.  They will register the patient, ask a few questions, maybe do a quick test and you will walk with the ED staff to the cath lab and transfer the patient directly to the table in the cath lab.

Pit Stops may not always happen.  The lab could be occupied, cath team not in house or the patient may need further stabilization or evaluation.  In these cases, you would turn over as per usual.  The intent is to not keep the patient on your stretcher longer than 20 or so minutes including travel down the hall.  Crews can begin paperwork and restocking but the goal is to shave as much time off of the process to get that artery open.

Things to remember for CP/STEMI patients:

  • 12 lead EARLY and FAST! 12 lead should be performed upon arrival at the patient and within 10 min of contact.
  • Transmit early and fast! 12 lead should be transmitted within 10 min of obtaining it with a quick heads up (and follow up later).  If unable to transmit, still call early.
  • Transport quickly! STEMI onscene time goals are 15 min.
  • All patients with chest pain should receive a 12 lead. Other patients should get one too.  Check out this link for reminders on what complaints should receive a 12 lead and ways to obtain a better quality 12 lead:

VB ERS does a good job with our STEMI patients.  Our region has made great strides in reducing Chest pain to balloon times.  There is room to shorten those times even more.

Depending on call load, you are able to stay for a bit and watch your patient get the cardiac cath.  If you are interested in observing in the cath lab for CE hours, please contact EMS Training to schedule a day.

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