Stroke Centers and Other Specialty Resource Hospitals

Stroke Centers and Other Specialty Resource Hospitals

We wanted to clarify something that was put out recently.  Sentara Independence (SI) is NOT a STROKE center.  We apologize if there is any confusion on the topic.

We encourage you to transport any BLS and many ALS patients to SI including those currently in cardiac arrest.  You should directly bypass SI for STEMI, Stroke, trauma that meets trauma triage/center criteria, any OB patients that are greater than 20 weeks along, post ROSC patients (with an airway) and patients who receive dialysis.  If there is any doubt, call them early.  You will often have quicker turnaround times too.

If you have any questions specifically about stroke patients, you can reference the following documents:

There are numerous “specialty” patient categories that can be directly transported to the most appropriate hospital.  If you have a patient that meets one of the categories below, you do not have to contact the closest hospital for permission to bypass them.  You may transport the patient directly to the appropriate facility.

  • Stroke
  • Trauma patient that meets trauma triage/center criteria
  • Pregnant patient who is 20 weeks pregnant or greater

Please check out the chart below for a reminder of which hospital takes which patients.  You should transport to the closest appropriate facility.Remember that a patient in cardiac arrest from any cause should be transported to the closest facility and a patient without a viable airway may be taken to the closest hospital.

If you have any questions on the appropriate destination, please contact a Chief Officer or EMS 1/2/3.