TEMS Appendix K is not accurate (10/9/2017)

TEMS Appendix K is not accurate (10/9/2017)

Appendix K in the TEMS protocols contains medication information. They are helpful sheets that share indications for use and notes on the medications. Unfortunately, they have not been updated in many years and at least the last two protocol updates.

The previous versions included references to specific protocols and dosing. This means that they may mention a medication can be used with a certain condition, which no longer applies, and they may reference a now inaccurate dosing.

We are attempting to have them updated (and will remove specific protocol references and doses so they don’t require updates) but in the mean time, you should not use the protocol or dosing references noted in Appendix K unless it matches our current protocols.

The current protocol sheets should be the only source for medications and dosing.

This post will be removed once Appendix K is updated.