The Importance of Doing a Report

The Importance of Doing a Report

While doing some research for a little project, I discovered that EMR reports aren’t being completed.  The project included looking at all of the helo crew and patient transfers between the VBGH pad and the hospital.  Some of these cases had a crew out of service for over one hour.  Between Jan 2017 and Nov 2017, there were 44 cases captured in CAD where we helped move patients and crews.  Only 7 of those had a report completed! And yes, only ones with an actual crew assigned were counted.  That means 84% of these cases did not have a report.  (Scarier so, there were two cases that indicated a patient was transferred from VBGH to home without a report as well. )

Here is a reminder of all of the times you need to perform a report in Elite:

Every EMS case must have a completed report associated with it.

  • If there is a patient (transport or refusal), the AIC for the patient is responsible to complete a patient report.
  • If you are cleared by a fire or EMS unit onscene, one of the onscene units is responsible.
  • If the dispatcher clears all units and neither fire nor EMS arrived, the ambulance crew is responsible to complete the cancellation report.
  • All Standby, Transport, MISR cases must have a completed report. If there are numerous units on the incident and no patients, command will assign a unit to complete a standby report for the case. (This is where the helicopter crew transport cases will fall.)
  • If the case was dispatched as an EMS call (EMS units dispatched) and no one needs EMS (treatment or transport), the onscene unit will complete a report.
  • Specialty teams may have slightly different criteria (MRT, SAR).  Please check with your supervisor.

If you have any doubts, check with the other crew or a supervisor.  If you do a report and it wasn’t needed, that is better than not having one!

If you are asking “why does it matter?”

  • Your station uses responses to help obtain grants for new equipment and trucks.
  • You might want credit for all the calls you ran including skills.
  • We look at times out of service and unit hour utilization for staffing.
  • VAOEMS and VBEMS requires it.

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