Elite – Crew Member Documentation

Please remember to include all personnel present on an incident in the Elite patient care report. While this is not a new requirement, it is perhaps more important now than ever before. Should a crew need to be contacted for follow-up regarding a patient they treated this is the...

Don’t forget to clean your Toughbook

As we use the ToughBooks in the field don’t forget they, too, need to be cleaned frequently. You may use any non-bleach wet sanitizing wipes to clean the computers. Remember, don’t immerse them in water and avoid using sprays directly onto the devices. If you don’t have a pre-wet...

PPE and COVID-19 in Elite

To aid in screening of patients with symptoms related to and/or similarly consistent with COVID-19 we have added a screening worksheet into Elite. Attached is information on this along with info on documenting PPE usage (which was mentioned in previous releases also). COVID-19 and PPE

Elite Documentation Guidance

Here is additional information related to proper documentation for suspected and/or confirmed COVID-19 patients. This information is based on CDC documentation recommendations in an effort to produce the most consistent data across all sources. COVID19_Documentation_03132020