VBEMS Intern Guidelines and Expectations

As an intern with VBEMS, you are expected to work toward your release as an AIC/Driver.  This document will help you determine where you should be during your training process. These are merely goals and benchmarks and not absolutes. Every member will proceed at different rates based on call volumes, types of calls, previous experience, etc.  The suggested benchmarks cover 12 intern duties (approximately three months), but you are welcome to move faster as your comfort and experience grows. Many members qualify in 2/3 that time or even less.

If you find that you are not progressing along these benchmarks, please contact your AIC Training Coordinator or Lynette Dimitry, Member Services to discuss your progress and develop a plan. These officers are here to help you succeed!

Intern Expectations

  • You are expected to work toward your release as an AIC/Driver.
  • You are responsible for letting your crew and partners know what items you need to work on each shift and where you could use their help.
  • You are expected to ask questions and find answers to things you don’t know.
  • You are expected to complete an evaluation form for every duty, including standbys and special events.
  • You are expected to use your downtime wisely by asking questions, reviewing material and working towards your release.

Progress Benchmarks

Before your First Duty you must:

  • log into Service Bridge and establish your password.
  • log into Oscar and establish your user name.
  • understand how to use Oscar to submit dates and the scheduling process.
  • know where to find VBEMS rules, regulations and policies online.
  • know where to find the TEMS protocols online and have a good working knowledge of them.
  • understand the release process and your responsibilities.

By the end of your FIRST DUTY you should:

  • know your way around the station.
  • know who to contact if you have an issue/problem while on duty.
  • know who to contact for uniforms and station activities.

By the end of your THIRD DUTY you should:

  • be able to locate all BLS items on the ambulance.
  • have a good understanding of the restock and resupply process.
  • have logged into the MDT and have a basic working knowledge of its functions.
  • know when to wear PPE and BSI.
  • be able to apply oxygen to the patient.
  • have logged into the EMR and understand basic procedures such as opening a new record, posting and the general layout.
  • be doing well with vital signs.
  • be performing the mechanical check off.
  • know fueling procedures.

By the end of your SIXTH DUTY you should:

  • understand and be able to provide ALS assistance such as placing the patient on the monitor, setting up an IV, exchanging the IV and drug box.
  • be talking on the radio and using the MDT.
  • be helping complete reports in the EMR.
  • be riding in the front seat of the ambulance.
  • be using the map book and mapping program in the MDT.
  • know your way around most hospitals to include restocking items. be driving (if able).
  • understand parking and backing procedures

By the end of your EIGHT DUTY you should:

  • be perfecting your patient assessment technique on both medical and trauma patients.
  • be able to determine if the patient is ALS or BLS within 5 minutes.
  • be able to perform a scene size up.
  • be completing some reports in the EMR.
  • understand scene unit placement.
  • understand parking at hospitals

By the end of your TWELFTH DUTY you should:

  • be working as a team leader on a consistent basis including scene size up, patient assessment, ALS/BLS determination and calling for/cancelling additional resources.
  • be able to complete any report in the EMR.
  • be driving with lights and sirens (if able).
  • know the major thoroughfares of the city.
  • know hospital locations.

At this point, the rest of your shifts should be dedicated to perfecting and honing your patient assessment, team leader skills and driving. You should have a solid understanding of the TEMS protocols and know your standing orders. You should be driving safely and in a variety of situations.

You are nearing release any day!