Initial Online Training for New Members

All VB Rescue members must complete the following courses.


Being able to start or help out with patient CPR is vital. Register for and complete the CPR class for new members as soon as possible after submitting your application. The Virginia Office of EMS requires that all individuals hold current certification in CPR as a prerequisite for enrollment in the BLS Academy (EMT program).

If you are currently certified in CPR, you may click here to see if the Virginia Office of EMS will accept your certification (only certain courses meet the standards and are accepted by the Virginia Office of EMS).  If you certification is not on the list of approved certifications, you will need to sign-up and complete a CPR class for new members.

VBEMS Learn Courses

Create an account in our Online Learning website and take the Initial OSHA course, Initial LODA course and the COVID-19 ETS Training.  These courses are designed for new members or members who are returning after an extended leave of absence.

Click here for help creating your account in Online Learning.

Online FEMA Classes

Upon completion of each class, be sure to save a copy of your certificate of completion.

These online classes are pre-requisites to enroll in a BLS Academy.  Please submit the certificates of completion to the EMS Administration Office or via email

If you are already certified as an EMT, submit the certificates to the administration office.