Transition to ALS

Transitioning to ALS ^

Virginia Beach EMS proudly offers options to assist our providers with the transition from being a Basic Life Support (BLS) provider to becoming an Advanced Life Support (ALS) provider.  Virginia Beach EMS works closely with Tidewater Community College (TCC) and our providers complete TCC’s academic program to obtain their ALS education and certification.  For a select number of students (who meet the established criteria), Virginia Beach EMS will pay for the student’s education (scholarship).  For those students for whom Virginia Beach EMS is unable to pay for their education (or the student who doesn’t wish to apply for scholarship), Virginia Beach EMS will provide an opportunity for the student to complete his/her field internship with Virginia Beach EMS to obtain his/her certification.

All ALS students precepting with Virginia Beach EMS will be required to sign a contract prior to the start of their ALS precepting.  In exchange for the field training, each student will contractually agree to continue to volunteer with Virginia Beach EMS for a period of one calendar year after the date of release at the ALS level at which he/she is precepting.

For more information about TCC’s EMS program and academic requirements, please visit TCC’s Health Professions website by clicking here.

Apply to Become an ALS Provider or Continue Your ALS Education ^

If you are interested in taking classes to become certified as an ALS provider or you are currently certified as an ALS provider and wish to become affiliated with Virginia Beach EMS, you will need to fill out and submit an application to the ALS Training Coordinator (


Important application definitions:

  • Scholarship: the Department of EMS will pay tuition/fees; books and testing fees will also be provided/covered (only fully-released members of the Department of EMS are eligible for scholarship); students seeking scholarship should not enroll themselves in the courses or pay for tuition — the City will be billed for the tuition
  • Affiliation: you will complete your field internship with VBEMS
  • Precepting for Release with VBEMS: you are a certified ALS provider and want to begin precepting for release at your current level of certification with Virginia Beach
  • Paramedic Challenge by 3rd/4th Year Medical Students, Physician Assistants or Nurse Practitioners: you are currently a 3rd/4th year medical student, physician assistant or nurse practitioner and you wish to begin the process to take the Paramedic certification exams

Applications for scholarship and/or sponsorship (you are applying to start taking or continue taking classes at TCC) must be completed for each semester you are taking classes at TCC.

Applications for precepting for release or the paramedic challenge process are accepted at any time and only one application will need to be submitted.

Applications for scholarship (City paying for tuition/fees) are only accepted during the following months:

  • Applications for Spring semester classes are accepted October 1-31
  • Applications for Summer semester classes are accepted March 1-31
  • Applications for Fall semester classes are accepted June 1-30

Applications for affiliation (field internship only) will be accepted at any time.

Late and incomplete applications will not be accepted. You will not receive scholarship and/or affiliation for a particular semester unless an application was submitted for that semester.

*Important note for summer semestersPer TCC, new (first-time) applicants are not able to start TCC’s ALS program during the summer semester. The summer semester is shortened and TCC does not offer the full first semester during the summer, with the exception of the accelerated paramedic program (the city does not provide scholarship for the accelerated paramedic program, but affiliation may be provided). Students can only start the ALS program at TCC during the spring or fall semesters.

Application for ALS Training/Affiliation ^

The ALS Training application is currently being refigured to better suit the program. Please contact our training department at (757) 385-1999 if you are interested in applying for ALS training.

Requirements for Scholarship/Affiliation ^

At the time of application and continuing until all contractual obligations are met:

All Applicants Must:

  • Be an active operational member in good standing with the Department of EMS
    • Members receiving scholarship must be an active operational member in good standing with the Department of EMS for the past 12 months at any of the following levels as defined in the EMS Duty Policy:
      • Regular Active Volunteer
      • Life Active Volunteer
      • Senior Active Volunteer
      • Tenured Active Volunteer
      • Exclusions:
        • Associate Volunteers and College Student Volunteers are not eligible for scholarship or sponsorship, but they are eligible for affiliation; a waiver may be requested from the ALS Training Coordinator (approval of waiver not guaranteed)
        • Members receiving affiliation only must be an active operational member in good standing with the Department of EMS; the time requirement is waived for those only seeking affiliation (field internship only)
        • Members must continue to run the minimum duty requirement, per the EMS Duty Policy, for the duration of scholarship/affiliation (i.e., members may not be on reduced-duties while receiving scholarship/affiliation); a waiver may be requested from the ALS Training Coordinator (approval of waiver not guaranteed)
  • Be a patient care provider released as an Attendant-in-Charge and driver with the Department of EMS
    • Members applying for scholarship must be released as an Attendant-in-Charge and driver with the Department of EMS for the past 12 months
    • Members applying for affiliation only must be released as an Attendant-in-Charge and driver at the time requirement is waived for those only seeking affiliation (field internship only)
  • Not have been on reduced duties or on leave (military and maternity leave is excluded) for a substantial period of time during the past 12 months (substantial is defined as 3 or more months)
  • Have/maintain current CPR certification from an Office of EMS recognized program
  • Have completed the following pre-requisite classes: IS 100, IS 200, IS 700, IS 800, AWR-160 (Hazardous Materials Awareness), EVOC (active members should already meet these requirements)
  • Have documented completion of all required Department of EMS training and updates (e.g., OSHA update, others)
  • Meet ALL Virginia Dept. of Health Office of EMS provider eligibility requirements as listed on the Virginia Office of EMS website
  • Meet ALL TEMS regional ALS eligibility requirements as listed on the TEMS website
  • Adhere to ALL Department of EMS policies; applicants should specifically review the ALS Training and Certification Policy, the EMS Duty Policy, and the Certification and Credentialing Policy, which can all be found here
  • Satisfy any and all defaulted contractual obligations prior to application

Intermediate Applicants Must Additionally:

  • Have/maintain current ACLS certification before beginning field internship

Paramedic Applicants Must Additionally:

  • Either have/maintain current Virginia Intermediate certification or be actively working towards Virginia Intermediate certification and release to general supervision
  • Have/maintain current ACLS certification

Instructions for Applying for Scholarship/Affiliation ^

  1. Submit an application with all required copies of certifications and documents to the ALS Training Coordinator (
  2. New applicants must complete the application in its entirety.
  3. Continuing applicants, who have not had any breaks in semester attendance, will need to complete only the specific sections indicated in the instructions in the application; continuing applicants must also submit a copy of the unofficial transcript found in SIS, with final grades, to the ALS Training Coordinator.
  4. It is recommended that first-time TCC ALS students begin working on the TCC pre-clinical requirements and documentation (physical and required vaccines) information can be found in TCC’s Welcome to ALS Clinical/Field Orientation Internship letter; these requirements must be completed before starting clinical/field.
  5. Applicants receiving scholarship must meet with the ALS Training Coordinator to complete a contract and the enrollment paperwork to be registered for classes. Applicants receiving only affiliation will complete the registration/enrollment process on his/her own, but the ALS Training Coordinator is always available for questions and assistance. Applicants receiving only affiliation will complete the contract when they meet with the ALS Training Coordinator to receive their student badges and sign the agreement letter.  First-time applicants and applicants with breaks in semester attendance (excluding the summer semester) must also complete the DMV and Background/NCIC check forms. To meet with the ALS Training Coordinator and complete the required paperwork/forms, contact the ALS Training Coordinator ( to schedule a meeting.

Submitting an application does not mean automatic approval. After your application is processed, you will receive a letter indicated your application has been approved, conditionally approved, or denied. Applicants will be notified of the status of their application within 30 days of the application deadline.

Once you have received notification of approval, you must schedule a meeting with the ALS Training Coordinator ( to complete the necessary paperwork, including the contract, and obtain information on how to proceed.

Continuation of scholarship/affiliation requires that the student successfully complete ALL prior semester courses, complete a new application for each semester, and submit copies of the unofficial transcript showing final grades in EMS classes and copies of any new/updated certifications.

Steps of the ALS Training Process for Students/Interns ^

  • Starting ALS program for the first time: if you are not already a student at Tidewater Community College, you need to register/enroll as a student at TCC (the city will not do this for you); following registration/enrollment, you will receive your ID number and that will need to be noted on the application
    • Obtain TCC student ID (photo ID badge)
  • All Students (New and Continuing): Complete Application for ALS Training/Affiliation and submit it, with copies of all required documents/certifications to the ALS Training Coordinator ( at EMS Training.
    • Members of the Department of EMS who are beginning their first semester of ALS at TCC or those who had a break in semester attendance (excluding the summer semester) will need to complete a Criminal Record Information Request Form — schedule meeting with ALS Training Coordinator to complete these forms.
      • The Department of EMS will only complete the background check processes for members of the Department of EMS.
  • Applicants who are entering the Virginia Beach EMS system as a certified ALS provider must take the TEMS Regional ALS Written Exam, if they have not already done so within one year. Information on the exam and how to sign-up for the exam may be found on the TEMS website.
    • Once the applicant has completed the written exam with a passing score, he/she will be granted provisional sanctioning by TEMS, which is valid for one year following successful completion of the written exam; the applicant must forward a copy of the passing results to the ALS Training Coordinator.
  • All Students Receiving Scholarship (New and Continuing): Upon receipt of notification of approval, schedule meeting with ALS Training Coordinator to complete initial paperwork
    • Complete and sign contract
    • Enrollment/Registration Paperwork (ALS Training Coordinator will send to TCC)
      • Complete TCC Enrollment Worksheet and send to Audrey Pine at TCC
      • Obtain Platinum Planner Voucher number from ALS Training Coordinator, if applicable
    • Affiliation Letter will be sent to Kathy Masciangelo at TCC by ALS Training Coordinator
    • If applicable, Background Check Letter will be sent (upon receipt of results) to Kathy Masciangelo at TCC by ALS Training Coordinator
    • Authorization for Release of Information (from application) will be sent to TCC
    • Textbook(s) will be issued to student, if applicable.
  • All Students Receiving Affiliation (New and Continuing):
    • You will be need to enroll yourself in the classes — VBEMS will not do this for you, but the ALS Training Coordinator is always available for assistance
    • For assistance with enrollment/registration, contact Audrey Pine at TCC for assistance (757-822-7335)
  • Start classes at TCC, study hard and be successful!
  • When you are ready to start/continue your field internship through TCC, your clinical coordinator will e-mail the ALS Training Coordinator and provide notification that you are ready to start your field internship; contact the ALS Training Coordinator to schedule a meeting to begin your internship (if you are informed by your clinical coordinator that you are ready to start field and you have not heard from the ALS Training Coordinator, contact the ALS Training Coordinator)
    • Contract signed/completed, if not already complete
    • Agreement Letter completed with copies sent to student and shift captain (you will complete a new agreement letter each semester)
    • ALS student/intern badge issued (student badges expire at end of each semester); if ALS certification obtained, an intern badge will be issue for level of certification (intern badges expire 1 year from date of National Registry letter indicating student is certified; save these letters; after this year, interns will need to successfully complete the TEMS Regional ALS Sanctioning Written Exam prior to continuing his/her precepting)
    • Receive ALS Orientation and Release Form and shift calendar, if applicable
    • Contact your assigned shift Captain as soon as possible for further instructions and begin precepting!
    • Follow all rules and guidelines outlined in Agreement Letter
  • All students and interns will complete the following required training for release as an ALS provider within the first 30 days of the start of precepting:
    • On-Line ALS Release Training and Quizzes
    • ALS Release Training Skills Evaluation
  • Certification Testing (only applicable for members receiving scholarship)
    • When it’s time to take a certification exam, contact the ALS Training Coordinator to provide notification
    • Written Exam: obtain voucher number from ALS Training Coordinator; be sure to submit a receipt to the ALS Training Coordinator
    • Practical Exam: submit the payment form you receive from TCC to the ALS Training Coordinator; the form and a NEEE form will be submitted on the student’s behalf
  • When the ALS intern has completed all items/competencies on the ALS Orientation and Release Form, he/she will be recommended for release at the ALS level by the assigned shift Captain
    • Submit completed ALS Field Training Release Packet to the ALS Training Coordinator
    • Schedule practice oral boards with ALS Training Coordinator (to prepare for practice oral boards, study your protocols [flowcharts and notes sections] and ECG rhythms)
    • Upon successful completion of practice oral boards, the ALS Training Coordinator will contact OMD (Dr. Stewart Martin) for date options and TEMS to confirm availability of a TEMS representative to attend the oral boards session; once the date has been confirmed by Dr. Martin and the TEMS representative, the ALS student will be notified; individual candidates are not to contact Dr. Martin or TEMS directly
    • Upon successful completion of oral boards, the ALS Training Coordinator will notify the Executive Assistant to the Chief (Jasmine Stokley) of the successful completion by submitting the ALS Recommendation for Release Form and the intern will schedule a meeting with the Chief or his designee, at which point in time the intern will receive his/her released ALS provider badge and ALS keys
    • Upon successful completion of oral boards, the candidate will receive a certificate from the TEMS office acknowledging such completion

ALS Student/Intern Field Evaluations Forms ^

All students and interns must complete a field evaluation for every shift with a preceptor.  All evaluations (for both students and interns) must be submitted to the ALS Training Coordinator within 24-72 hours after the shift.

Students and interns who are currently enrolled in TCC’s ALS program (submitting evaluations to TCC) and working towards completion of competencies for certification must use TCC’s student clinical-field evaluation FISDAP program.

Interns who are certified as an ALS provider will use the Virginia Beach EMS ALS intern field evaluation form.

ALS FTO/Preceptor Evaluation ^

All students/interns should complete an ALS FTO/Preceptor evaluation for every shift.  This will help us continually evaluate and potentially improve the ALS field training program.

  • ALS Field Training Release Packets * ^

    ALS students/interns will be given the ALS Field Training Release Packet appropriate for his/her level of precepting. When the packet is complete, the student/intern is ready to be considered for release to general supervision.  Students/interns are encouraged to start working on completing the form from the very beginning of his/her precepting — students do not need to wait until they are certified to start completing the ALS Field Training Release Packet.

ALS Release Training ^

To ensure all ALS providers have received training on the ALS equipment our department uses (that may or may not have been included in initial training), ALS students/interns must complete an ALS release training process. This process consists of online training and one skills evaluation session and must be completed by all students/interns within the first 30 days of starting his/her precepting so that if the opportunity presents itself for the student/intern to utilize the equipment, he/she will already have some familiarity.  Students/interns that do not complete the ALS release training within the first 30 days of starting his/her precepting will not be able to continue precepting beyond that date until the ALS release training is complete.

The ALS release training is located in the Virginia Beach EMS online learning management system, Moodle.  Visit the course in Moodle for more information and to complete the course.  To access the course, you will go to and click on “ALS Courses”.  You will be taken to a login page where you can either login or create an account if you do not already have an account.  Once you have completed the account creation process, click on “ALS Release Training” to access the course.

If you have any questions about the ALS release training, contact the ALS Training Coordinator (

ALS Field Training Officer (FTO) ^

Have you been released as a Paramedic for at least two (2) years? Are you interested in teaching others? If you’ve answered “yes” to both of those questions, you are eligible to become an ALS FTO!


  1. Hold valid Virginia Paramedic certification and be a released ALS (Intermediate/Paramedic) provider with the City of Virginia Beach for at least two (2) years
  2. Must be an active operational member in good standing (no disciplinary action) for the past twelve (12) months
  3. Must be up-to-date and current with the following certifications and training:
    • CPR
    • ACLS
    • PALS
    • IS 100, 200, 700, and 800
    • OSHA
    • Protocols
    • ALS Release Training
      • EZ-IO
      • Glidescope
      • Capnography
      • Oxylator
      • King airway
      • CPAP
      • NG Tube
      • Cyanokit
  4. Must be approved by EMS Squad Commander and EMS Assistant Chief or Fire Captain and Fire Battalion Chief
  5. Must be approved by Virginia Beach EMS Training
  6. Must be approved by OMD and EMS Chief
  7. Must attend VBEMS/TEMS FTO course in entirety
  8. Must complete annual update, as available

FTOs will be re-evaluated annually and must remain current in all the above certifications, courses and current training requirements.

Click here for the ALS FTO application: ALS FTO Application

Submit completed applications to the ALS Training Coordinator ( by the specified deadline.  Incomplete and late applications will not be accepted.