Updates to VBEMS LifePak’s

Updates to VBEMS LifePak’s

Dear Fellow Members,

This past week all VBEMS LifePak’s were serviced by our vendor, Physio-Control.  This included verification of all telemetry data and shock energies.  Various settings were changed, such as the default cycle time on NIBP (now 5 minutes) and the display order of Events.  New labels were affixed to the top of each LifePak.

When transmitting data, you will notice a new site name: LIFENET CLOUD

In the coming weeks, how we download 12-leads to our computers will change.  Instead of transmitting to the hospital AND downloading to the EMR, any transmission to the hospital will automatically send a copy to the Lifenet Cloud.  Not transmitting to the hospital or have more vitals to document?  Then transmit directly to the Lifenet Cloud.  From your report, when you click the EKG button, you will be tied directly to the cloud (assuming you are connected to the internet) and can download your reports this way.  You will find your reports via the monitor name, which is printed on those new labels.  It also means you can import EKGs using Elite Web when the EMR is not available.

NOTE: These changes were made to VBEMS LifePak’s as of this writing.  All VBFD LifePak’s will soon be updated.

Yes, this means the end is near for the Elite Desktop Client.  At least for EKG downloads.

(I’ll pause for cheers, jeers, curses, or statements of “about ^&*# time” or “another change?!”)

For now, sending a report to the LIFENET CLOUD will do nothing.  Stay tuned for more.

Your Business Application Specialist,


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