Only use authorized wireless access points with EMRs

Only use authorized wireless access points with EMRs

As discussed in Elite training, only use CVB-EMERGENCY and CARE4U wireless access points with your EMR computer.  This mean you should not connect your EMR to:

  • Your station’s private wifi
  • Public wifi hotspots, such as restaurants or coffee shops
  • Personal cellular hotspots

The consequence of this means, you are able to work on your reports in the back of the ambulance or at the hospital.  That is ideal (given Virginia Law states a reports must be complete at the time of patient turnover) but not always practical given our operational environment.

Please post your report in the ambulance or at the hospital, then use EliteBridge running on a personal device or station computer to complete a report.

Now, what’s the big deal?  Why not connect to other wifi networks?  Any time you connect a Windows device to a new wireless network, that new network becomes the preferred network.  Windows will always try to connect to that device first, even if it is a very weak signal.  And for some reason that is not entirely clear to me, if you connect to 3 or 4 networks on these computers, Windows stops trying to connect to CVB-EMERGENCY.  I know this because I’ll receive an EMR with a note saying “can’t connect to the internet”.  And on that machine are 4 station’s wifi routers, 3 coffee shops, and a bunch of fast food restaurants plus someone’s personal hotspot (you know who you are).  The moment I clear out those networks, CVB-EMERGENCY magically connects and the device can return to field use.

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