VBEMS Elite Runform v5.2 Release

VBEMS Elite Runform v5.2 Release

Dear Fellow Members,

Thank you all for your continued patience and support of the ongoing Elite rollout.  Since we went live on 10/1, over 3,300 reports have been submitted.  And of those reports, 167 reports have a validation score less than 98%.  It means that, by in large, Elite is working for most reports and the most situations.  There have been a number of technical issues that prevented you from completing your reports, such as not being able to document provider names.  These issues continue to be worked and will be resolved.  It is expected the number of reports scoring less than 98% will decrease significantly in November and beyond (meaning expect to be contacted to complete an incomplete report).

There have been reports of reports “vanishing”, where the screen goes blank and you are unable to complete your report.  I’ve personally encountered this and it is not clear what is the cause.  The work-around is to click the Save button, close your report, then re-open it.

There are also reports of reports “lost” during a transfer.  What we found is those reports did not download CAD and have a Dispatch date.  The work-around is to click the Clear Dates button on View Transfers and search for your unit, but the better solution is to ensure you download CAD prior to initiating a transfer.

VBEMS is fortunate to have multiple generations of family member’s running rescue.  Unfortunately, in Elite, there is not a way to distinguish between Jr, Sr, II, or III members.  ImageTrend is working on a solution.

A number of members have asked about why we are collecting patient phone numbers and what we should be telling our patients.  The answer for our patients is, “in the event the City wants to speak with them regarding they care they received.”  The Department is working with City and State agencies to identify resources available for our patients we may see often.  Having a phone number assists those agencies to ensure the patient can be contacted.  Mailing or incident addresses are not useful for some of our patients.

Starting on 11/1, we will be using a new runform that offers a couple new features and validation rule changes.  Please take a moment to review these release notes.

Hospital Account Number.  You now will need to click the Add button to fill out the hospital sticker number.  Why the change?  The number needs to be moved to a new field so hospitals can look up their patients using this value.  It is unfortunate we have to click the Add button with every patient and I’ve asked ImageTrend to change how this is written.

While it is still acceptable, for report validation purposes, to enter 88888888-8888 when you do not know the sticker number, please make every effort to collect the correct HRN.  This is used by Sentara to attach your completed report to the patient’s chart.  When you enter all 8s, someone has to manually match patient up to your report.

Hospital Account Number

Patient Signature.  No more P.U.T.S. (patient unable to sign) . If the patient is unable to sign AND you select the correct “Not Signed” value, you no longer need to sign “PUTS” in the signature block.

New signature options

Crew Members section moved.  Based on feedback and my own experiences, I’ve moved the Crew Members block of information to its own tab.    Entering the crew information at the bottom of the response page resulted in a lot of scrolling and some confusion.  This should be better.

Crew Members Tab

Radio Report QuickForm.   Many of you expressed an interest in seeing a small form containing data for your radio report.  The Radio Report QuickForm is visible any time you are transporting a patient.  And just like other quick forms, if you enter data in this form, it fills out the applicable block of data elsewhere on your report.


Please continue to send requests for assistance or feedback to support@vbems.com (and thank you for that).



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