VBEMS Elite Runform v5.3 Release

VBEMS Elite Runform v5.3 Release

Dear Fellow Members,

As has been said before, the Elite rollout will be an evolution.  Over the past couple of days we’ve discovered a number of issues that impact our reporting (and squad grant-writing) needs.  Specifically, the need to identify if a patient transport is done ALS or BLS.  You heard me talk about this at length if you took my class.  We have a solution after consulting with the Virginia Office of EMS and our neighboring agencies to be discussed below.  This release also includes a few cosmetic changes and changes to our dataset (e.g. your choices for certain fields).

First, two answers to increasingly asked questions.

  1. No, EKG transfers aren’t broken.  You MUST launch the Physio-Control Transfer Wizard in the Elite Desktop Client to send a 12-lead to the hospital after gently inserting the LifePak USB connector into the EMR.
  2. No, you didn’t “lose” a report when transferring a report.  Your report does not have an incident number of dispatch date.  Either click the Clear Dates button or download CAD to obtain and incident number and dispatch date BEFORE transferring an incident up to the cloud.


Now, on with the changes in this release.  When you create a new report you will immediately see changes, as shown on the screenshot below.

New 5.3 Patient Contact Screen

Note the Level of Care Provided For This Patient button.  This is where you indicate whether this transport (or encounter for refusals) is BLS or ALS.

A number of fields were reorganized on the Incident Tabs.  The goal was to more logically group like data elements so they would be easier to answer.  For example, on the Crew Members tab, Level of Care of This Unit is now at the bottom.

Runform 5.3 Crew Tab

The EMS Vehicle & Response tab combined information about your vehicle and its response.  Remember, all reports are written from the perspective of the transporting unit.  Of note on this tab is the Primary Role of the Unit.  In order to comply with State and Federal reporting requirements, if an ALS provider is on a crew, whether they are an AIC or not, that is an ALS crew.

Runform 5.3 EMV Vehicle tab

Now by this point, it is fair to say, “I’m a BLS crew— I have to say I’m a BLS crew in three separate places.”  I completely understand it is far from ideal.  We have to comply with State and Federal rules on how to answer these questions.  We also need to more clearly identify whether it’s an ALS or BLS transport, something we cannot do how the Primary Role Of Unit field is used or set up.  Future features in Elite will allow me to set field values based on other values.  It is my hope that I will be able to calculate these fields and hide them once that functionality is in place.

There are a couple new validation changes worth mentioning:

  • An exam must be completed for all patient transports.
  • It is now required to answer the question whether an injury is related to this incident.
  • Condition of the patient at destination is now required.

The list of Medication Allergies has been reworked to a more manageable size.  There are also various spelling corrections and relabeling of fields that hopefully make things more clear.

Thank you to everyone who uses the 12-lead transmission results field.  Your data helped identify a problem on specific units that could then be resolved.

I know some folks are still having issues logging in.  Fortunately those numbers are shrinking and I’m still working closely with ImageTrend.  And for the folks who forget their password, please use the self-service password reset features in Elite before calling or emailing.  Don’t enter 10 bad passwords and get your account locked that now requires intervention by EMS Admin Office staff or a field supervisor.

And for those keeping score… we are up to 4,323 reports with 99.488% validity!  Well done!


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