VBGH Supply Vending Machine—NEW!!   How to Return Items

VBGH Supply Vending Machine—NEW!! How to Return Items

If you remove items by mistake, hit the wrong button, numerous items fall or you and your partner realize you both restocked, we now have a way for you to securely return items to the supply vending machine!

VBGH has identified a vending cabinet as a return box (226).  If you have something that needs returned, instead of dropping it off with the charge nurse, simply use the keypad just like you are making a withdrawal (including entering the MRN for the person’s item you are returning) and place the item inside the cabinet.

This is similar to the basket concept at SPAH but with more security and better tracking.  The cabinet may change so just look for the one labeled for returns.

Thank you for being careful to only remove what you used on your patient, documenting situations that may warrant them and letting us know what happened if we ask via email.

For more information on restocking, supplies, etc., check out this post.  It has links to other posts at the bottom!