Vehicle Safety — where we stand

Vehicle Safety — where we stand



Recently, we’ve been doing a bunch of analysis on “possible fault vehicle events” in the VB EMS system.  These are vehicle damage events that may have been our fault.  All these events are severely disruptive to operations.


Here’s a complicated graphic showing the relative frequency of these events over the past 18+ years:



What’s the take-home message?


Our “possible fault vehicle event” rate (the green line in the chart) is rising — even when adjusted for constantly increasing call volumes.  Currently we’re at about 13 events per 10,000 calls.


What are our goals?


First, we want to reverse the trend.  We want to decrease the rate at which we incur vehicle damage that might be our fault.


Second, we want to keep these numbers consistently low.  Very low.


What should we concentrate on?


The top 3 causes of these events were recorded as follows:




3.    NO VIOLATIONS (11%) – this means “MYSTERY DAMAGE”


What actions are we taking?


·         We are making our entire workforce aware of the problem, because YOU are in the best position to make things better.

·         We have started publishing Mishap Reports again, to keep you aware of the fact that these events do happen with regularity.

·         We have standardized the way supervisors document vehicle damage events so we’ll have clearer data.

·         We have published material about the Sterile Cockpit concept HERE (which partially addresses the driver inattention problem) – and we’ll be publishing more of it soon.

·         We are about to publish material to address the improper backing problem.


And finally…


We are asking for your input.  Please reply to me with your suggestions for identifying the contributing factors and for making improvements!


— Division Chief Kevin Lipscomb, NRP

— Regulation & Support Services

— Va Beach EMS Department