Widespread Flu-What do I do? Winter 2018

Widespread Flu-What do I do? Winter 2018

The best prevention for flu and other viruses like colds and flu is WASH YOUR HANDS!  And it is not too late to get a flu vaccine if you didn’t get one this season.    If you are 65 or older, consider the high dose trivalent flu shot.  Cleaning up and wiping down common surfaces (radio mics, doors, faucets, etc.)  will go a long way to help keep everyone well!

Here are ways to avoid getting others sick-

  • Distance yourself from others and try not to touch or use common area items.
  • WASH YOUR HANDS frequently.
  • Cover your nose and mouth when coughing/sneezing and wash your hands immediately
  • If you have a fever, you should stay home and not return to work/school/public until your fever has been gone for 24 hours without medication.

If you have concerns that your patient (or partner) may be ill, you can wear a surgical mask if you desire to slow your chance of infection.  This does not eliminate the need to WASH YOUR HANDS!

Remember that healthy people can be spreading their flu germs up to a day prior to having any symptoms.

In case you missed it:


CDC current flu information and lots of resources (VA is in region 3):


Eat right, exercise, get enough sleep and stay well!