You have (a lot of) passwords

You have (a lot of) passwords

By now, everyone knows our new patient care software, Elite, is going live on 10/1.  Several emails have been sent asking you to log in to various websites to do various things.  And its become more than a little challenging to keep track of where you are and what username and password to use.  Especially since it seems like some passwords can be used on different websites.

I get it.  And I hope to be able to simplify things in the future.  What I can do today is hopefully clarify the different accounts you, as a VBEMS Member, would use.

FieldBridge / ServiceBridge
This is our current patient care reporting system in use for over 5 years.  Used on our EMR computers (FieldBridge), or other computers (ServiceBridge).  About to be discontinued.

Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD)
Your officer code and password to allow you to log on to a mobile data terminal (MDT).  Not changing (this year).

VBEMS Online Training
Launched in early 2016, this is where you can take online classes.  Has its own username and password.

Member Portal
Brand new this month.  Where you can view your certification information and sign up for Elite training online.  There will be many other self-service functions coming here, including the ability to upload renewed CPR and EMT certifications.  For many, this will be the same as your FieldBridge password.

Similar to ServiceBridge, where you can log in to complete reports and view Inbox messages.  SAME USERNAME AND PASSWORD AS THE MEMBER PORTAL.

By the way, if you try to sign in today… it probably won’t work.  Fix is in progress.


In other words, you use the same username and password for the Member Portal, EliteBridge, and Elite.  If you forget your password, you can reset it online too.  I’m hoping to make it the same password for Online Training and CAD in the coming months.  Hopefully this helps a little.  Thanks for your patience while we improve our service offerings to you, our members.